2022 IEEE 8th All-Russian Microwave Conference (RMC) - #55984

November 23 — November 25, 2022 — Moscow, Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics RAS

Сonference program

The purpose of this conference is the exchange of experience and the latest achievements of scientists from Russia and abroad on topical microwave issues. The most relevant areas are the use of microwave, EHF, and terahertz ranges of electromagnetic waves in engineering, medicine, security systems and many other areas, as well as the development of materials with new properties for use in microwave technology. Substantial attention will be paid to the creation of an element base for advanced communication, radar and radio-vision systems based on the achievements of radio electronics, micro- and nanoelectronics.


Conference topics:

  • Propagation and scattering of electromagnetic waves
  • Antenna systems and transmission lines
  • Generators, amplifiers, receiving devices
  • Microwave, EHF and THz bands
  • New materials for electronics
  • Measuring systems, including for medicine.

Important dates:

  • Acceptance of applications: until October 1 2022
  • Registration fee payment: July 20  October 31, 2022
  • Acceptance materials of reports: July 20  November 1, 2022
  • Beginning of the conference: at 10:00 on November 23, 2022. Registration from 9:30.
  • End of conference: November 25, 2022


To register, you must fill out an application through the electronic registration form.

It is also allowed to fill out and send the form to the organizing committee. 

Conference Fees

  Participants from Russia and CIS International Participants
Students and graduate students 2500 ₽ 50$
IEEE Members: 4000 ₽ 80$
Non-IEEE Members: 5000 ₽ 100$

Abstract Submission and Call for Papers

Call For Papers (PDF).

Pay attention. that only applications are not enough to include a report in the conference program.

A collection of conference reports will be published in a separate volume before the conference. This year it is planned to publish abstracts in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. The volume of abstracts for publication is no more than 4 pages, including drawings and a list of references. The prepared materials are accepted by the Organizing Committee in electronic form in the format MsWord at rmc2022@yandex.ru 

Template for abstracts.


Supported by:

  • Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics. V.A.Kotelnikova RAS
  • RAS Scientific Council on the Propagation of Radio Waves
  • Russian Scientific and Technical Society of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications A.S. Popov (RNTORES named after A.S. Popov)
  • IEEE Russia Section
  • MTT-ED Moscow Chapter IEEE
  • AP Moscow Chapter IEEE

Conference Program Committee:

Cherepenin V.A. (Chairman, Kotelnikov IRE RAS),
Kaloshin V.A. (Deputy Chairman, Kotelnikov IRE RAS),
Bugaev A.S. (MIPT),
Gulyaev Yu.V. ( Kotelnikov IRE RAS),
Denisov G.G. (IAP RAS),
Koshelets V.P. ( Kotelnikov IRE RAS),
Koshelev V.I. (ISE SB RAS),
Kulikov G.V. (MIREA),
Levitan B.A. (JSC «Radiophysics»),
Lagarkov A.N. (ITPE RAS),
Fedorov I.B. (MSTU named after Bauman),
Chaplygin Yu.A. (MIET),
Shevtsov V.A. (MAI).

Conference Organizing Committee:

Kaloshin V.A. (Chairman, Kotelnikov IRE RAS),
Koshelets V.P. (Deputy Chairman, Kotelnikov IRE RAS),
Ermolov P.P. (SevSU),
Kissel V.N. (ITPE RAS),
Kolesov V.V. ( Kotelnikov IRE RAS),
Kryukovsky A.S. (RosNow)
Kuznetsov Yu.V. (MAI)
Smirnov V.M. (Kotelnikov IRE RAS ),
Pozhidaev V.N. (Kotelnikov IRE RAS),
Samsonov G.A. (RNTORES named after Popov),
Skobelev S.P. (JSC «Radiophysics»),
Kurochkin A.P. (NGO «Vega»),
Kalyabin E.V. (TsNIRTI named after A.I. Berg),
Cherepenin V.A. (Kotelnikov IRE RAS ),
Yukhanov Yu.V. (SFU)
Yusupov R.A. (Secretary, Kotelnikov IRE RAS)

Mailing address: 125009, Moscow, st. Mokhovaya 11, building 7. IRE them. V.A. Kotelnikov RAS

Tel +7 (495) 629-3410  — Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Kaloshin Vadim Anatolyevich

Tel +7 (495) 629-3418 — Deputy Chairman, Koshelets Valery Pavlovich

E-mail of the Organizing Committee: rmc2022@yandex.ru;